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personal finance management from award-winning online banking service.


The Main goal

Our company was hired to design an interface for new digital bank. Our customer wanted to create a user-friendly and modern-looking interface that should fully express their innovative product ideas and would be a strong competitor for the existing market leaders. 


My role

I was in charge of designing the whole online banking web interface, which included, among other features, personal finance management, sophisticated loyalty program and online credit calculator. 


Process Highlights

This project is a result of work of a big team, in which I contributed by working on design of personas, user scenarios and online bank web prototypes. Frequent design-approval iterations with our customer allowed us to solve the most complicated problems like loyalty program and revolver credits functionality.



uSER RESEARCH and documenting

We performed competitive analysis and worked with client's marketing team to design personas. As confirmed by TouchBank performance report, the personas we've designed together with the marketing team of our customer were a very close match to their actual customer base.

We also guided design and development team, documenting interactions and helping to create a styleguide.



Our prototyping phase included both paper sketches, using which we have discovered the key interface concepts, and high fidelity prototypes in MS Visio.

Instruments: Balsamiq, MS Visio


The Challenge

Big projects are always complicated and challenging and this one was not an exception. Our main difficulty was the communication with customer. Initially, we've been working in two-week iterations. At the end of each iteration we presented our results to the customer, usually, as a report by e-mail. It appeared that this was not enough: our peer on the customer side became nervous and started raising concerns that he does not fully understand what we are doing. The project was at risk and we had to fix it.



To build trust we must talk to each other. I suggested to have a short Skype meeting every two days, on which we could discuss our progress, get answers about the process or the requirements and learn more about expectations of our customer. We started these meetings and the effect was almost immediate: our customer, being fully engaged in our process, now had full understanding of what's going on, we've cleared our backlog of questions and requirements and it felt like we are members of the same team.



We've built trustful relationship with the customer and successfully delivered our user interface design. 

TouchBank was successfully launched in Russia and by the end of the year had more than 120 000 customers. In 2016 TouchBank received "Product Innovation of the Year 2016" award from Retail Banker Magazine and "Most Innovative Retail Bank Russia 2016"  from International Finance Magazine.